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   Text Neck Syndrome Poster - 18" X 24"
Ad posted by member 'acucharts@yahoo.com'
 ID#: 22746 ;   Date posted: November 27, 2016;   Expire date: December 22, 2017;             159 visits
  Type: Offered  
  Company: Acupuncture Products  
  State/Country: Pennsylvania  
  City/State: Pennsylvania-ALL other  
  Specific Location (City,State): Pottstown, PA  

  Brief Description:    Text Neck Syndrome. When the head is brought forward and the neck bends, the weight on the cervical spine increases. Anterior Head Position or Forward Head Posture can cause permanent damage and result in: Headaches, Back Pain, Muscle Damage, Nerve Damage, Spinal Disc Herniation, Spinal Disc Compression, Decrease in Spinal Curve, Loss of Lung Volume Capacity, Gastrointestinal Problems or Onset of Early Arthritis.  

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